Art for art's sake

In 2010 I started working side by side with different artists, documenting their creative processes, their spaces, their relationship with other artists as well as their daily life. My curiosity was sparkled by a personal and growing interest in how a work of art takes form, wether it is a painting, a site-specific installation, a performance or a musical piece. Many of the artists I have worked with have become great friends too, so the photographs are part of an everlasting conversation with them. In other cases, the pictures are part of assignments trough which I had the chance to meet great artists and partecipate in nice art festival.

Art for Art's sake: my portfolio

Kunsthaus Tacheles has been one of the greatest and most-known place dedicated to art and alternative, underground culture, a place where many an many artists have had the chance to set their studios and share their works.

Kunsthaus Tacheles è stata una delle maggiori e più conosciute realtà votate alla sperimentazione artistica e alla contro-cultura. Tacheles ha ospitato moltissimi artisti, dando loro occasione di avere uno studio e condividere il loro lavoro e dando vita ad un'esperienza politica e artistica davvero unica.

Art-ists in Berlin

Photographs from Berlin art scene 2010-2014

Fotografia dalla scena artistica di Berlino 2010-2014

Artists in Rome

Photographs from Rome's art scene 2010 to present.

Fotografie dalla scena artistica di Roma dal 2010

Giuseppe Caccavale e Luca Maria Patella per MACRo

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